Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Content Marketing?

I don’t know how these senders got my email or why they think I’m DTF or know that I’ve been waiting to hear from my long-lost Nigerian cousin who always shoves her wealth and status in my face, but that doesn’t matter.

Most of the time, I never see these emails. 

Google, the holy provider of Gmail and Keeper of the Inbox, already blocked them for me. These spam letters go right into their appropriate folder, waiting to be trashed forever. 

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The 239 Best Marketing Twitter Accounts of 2016

I’ve selected the top 239 marketing Twitter accounts worth following and have even added in division by expertise.

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2 Massive Mozbar Hacks for Easy Content Research

Let’s be honest: if you’re a content marketer, you don’t spend most of your time writing. Yes, you might be consumed with a new article or blog post here or there, but in order to write that piece of content you have to become an expert at whatever topic is at hand. Then you have to promote it, repurpose it, and even pitch it out to external outlets.

In other words, most content marketers are really researchers and promoters, and maybe a hobbyist writer.

Tough words to hear, I know.

Luckily, there is one tool that is exceptional at cutting down on research time for any topic. It can also help pinpoint leads for guest posts.

That tool is Mozbar, an SEO extension for Google and Firefox. These two Mozbar hacks rethink the way the tool can be used beyond just SEO and into content strategy.

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