Agile Failure is Common, But This Can Help

Meet Agile failure. The U.S. Air Force failed to modernize the F-22 because of problems with SAFe. IBM suffered an embarrassing backlash when it called all its remote workers back to centralized offices under the guise of “self-directed teams.” Air France is still at risk of bankruptcy after going Agile two years ago.

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Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Content Marketing?

I don’t know how these senders got my email or why they think I’m DTF or know that I’ve been waiting to hear from my long-lost Nigerian cousin who always shoves her wealth and status in my face, but that doesn’t matter.

Most of the time, I never see these emails. 

Google, the holy provider of Gmail and Keeper of the Inbox, already blocked them for me. These spam letters go right into their appropriate folder, waiting to be trashed forever. 

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