Rachel Burger has worked in project management for four years and content marketing for six. She regularly writes and speaks about productivity, marketing, and business software. You can find Rachel on Twitter: @RachelBurgerPM.


Long bio:
Rachel Burger specializes in testing, reviewing, and recommending project management software to small companies. She pays particular attention to Agile and communication tools developed for scaling businesses.

She also has six years of content marketing experience and currently works as the Chief Marketing Officer for GoodSeeker, a content marketing tool for employer brands. Rachel’s work centers on building and sustaining effective, agile, and cooperative content marketing teams, with an emphasis on placing the right people alongside the right tools for success.

Before her work in IT and marketing, Rachel held a wide range of positions at a number of small businesses, including working as a consultant, public speaking coach, and ski instructor.

Rachel has her M.A. from the University of Chicago and her B.A. from Agnes Scott College. She has been featured top publications such as Forbes, CIO Magazine, The Hill, BBC News, and Entrepreneur.

You can find Rachel on Twitter: @RachelBurgerPM.