Rachel Burger
Rachel Burger
Simply Good Writing

B2B content marketing isn't as simple as it seems. Sure, any 'shmo could jump online and write about their product--and if you believe that passion is all it takes to attract customers online, they'll write great articles. And no one will read them.

B2B content marketing has unique challenges: often the product is in a niche (construction management software, anyone?) and it's tough to avoid sounding overly promotional. Then there are the added problems of understanding your audience, choosing your blog topics, finding quality research, churning out fantastic writing, picking audience-grabbing long-tail keywords, and, of course, optimizing your website for SEO.

That's the kind of work I love doing. My name is Rachel Burger, and I'm a content marketer for an amazing B2B marketing company that can't be directly named but can be easily found on my LinkedIn. I use this blog to share content marketing tips and tricks with my followers--and to hear their ideas about content writing ideas too!

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