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I'm Rachel Burger.
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First, I want to tell you about you.

You want what your audience wants: actionable, insightful, and original content. Content that makes the reader go, "Huh!" Content that earns follows, shares, and subscribes. Content that attracts qualified leads from the moment it goes live. You care about quality in the same way you care about your brand's image and you don't have any interest in keyword stuffing, clickbait headlines, or fluffy roundups.

You attract a technical audience and you appreciate technical expertise. You like working with straight-shooters. You live in a world where words like "InfoSec," "DevOps," and "Agile" mean something specific. You want to work with a writer who speaks your language.

Sounds like we'd get along.

I love good stories. I love writing them, I love reading them, and I love asking the right questions to find them. Content for technical audiences doesn't have to be boring, but it does need to be vetted and well researched.

I’ve written articles that have attracted millions of unique visitors to Fortune 500 companies. I’m an expert in keywording, Google Analytics, and SEO, and I promote all my work on social media, where my combined audience reaches over 20,000 followers.*

Let's get together on LinkedIn regardless of if you're looking for a B2B content marketer right now. I'd love to stay in touch.

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When counting direct followers; does not account for LinkedIn Groups or Facebook Groups, shared Pinterest boards, popular hashtags, etc. Follower count last updated in March 2019.

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