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Project Management Insights

Rachel Burger Project Management

Project management software is the umbrella of tools that focuses on managing workflows with attention to communication, budget, and timelines.

I'm here to turn that jargon into something everyone can understand: getting things done on time, on budget, and with quality.

Content Marketing Management

Rachel Burger Content Marketing Management

I manage a small team of content marketers. We keep things agile—sometimes that leads to mistakes, but more often our smart risks work out nicely.

Looking to learn the latest on content marketing and wrangling content marketers? Check out the content marketing blog.

Life and Productivity

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Thinking about productivity isn't just a "work" thing—it's a "me" thing. And I'm not one for work-life balance. I thrive on work-life blending

I've dedicated this section to non-project management business insights, productivity and technology tips, and to occasionally write about my personal life.


"Rachel is an incredibly talented and self-motivated individual."